Crescent Head beach
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Crescent Head has been rated as one of the best family surfing beaches in Australia, but that is not the only thing you can do here.

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Crescent Head
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Beach play
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Klllick Creek and bridge
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Surfer's walk
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Little Nobby
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Big Nobby
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Back beach
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Wildlife in the bush
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Crescent Head village
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Crescent Head village
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Downtown Kempsey


The obvious thing to do at this spectacular beach is surf! Crescent Head has one of the best surf beaches in Australia and has been officially designated as a National Surfing Reserve. Click here (opens new YouTube window) and here to watch some amazing Crescent Head surf videos by Paul Hayllar. These will give you an idea of the natural wonders of this area including whale watching. Surfing is great year round. To check wave and weather conditions visit

Beach play

Crescent Head beach is very family friendly and safe. It has an active surf-rescue club and supervised swimming areas. If the surf is too strong for small children, Killick Creek tidal basin makes a pleasant swim, float, and sand play area. There is also a playground and skateboard park.

The two authors of the book, "101 Best Australia Beaches" both agreed that Crescent Head is their favorite beach.

Golf and other activities

But if you want to do something else, there is no shortage of activities in Crescent Head. A popular alternative is the Crescent Head Country Club 6-hole golf course on the headland with its spectacular views. The Crescent Head Country Club also offers lawn bowls and tennis courts, restaurants, a pub and other social activities.

Many people also enjoy fishing and kayaking.


In addition to food shops, pharmacy, news agent, bakery and butcher, the village of Crescent Head has an eclectic selection of cafes, restaurants and boutique retail outlets that are worth the short walk down the hill from Bally High. You can also stroll along the Crescent Head Surfers Walk to Little Nobby to watch the surfers. To explore the bush and local bird and wildlife, walk 100 meters up Dulconghi street from Bally High then follow a steep trail up to Big Nobby. From here you can look out over Crescent Head beach, Back beach, and the distant headlands: Hat Head to the north and Delicate Nobby to the south. You can often spot dolphins or migrating humpback whales.

Macleay Valley Coast

Crescent Head is part of the Macleay Valley Coast and beside Hat Head National Park. In addition to great bush walks, fishing, golfing, surfing, and just playing at the beach, this area has many interesting towns, wineries, good restaurants, and seasonal music festivals. The nearby city of Kempsey, the hometown of Slim Dusty and Akubra hats, sits on the Macleay River. It has many services including major grocery stores, Coles and Woolworths, Target, boutique shops, cafes and restaurants. For more information, visit the website for Macleay Valley Coast tourism.

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